Okay. It’s not exactly short. But stick with me here.

…It was 1999 and I was an intern at HZDG near DC. Great shop. I was lucky to spend time there. My supervisor suggested I could teach myself Flash Animation by looking things up online… “Use Google, it’s the best one.” I’ll never forget that. I kept hearing that word with greater frequency from then on. It was the dawn of the every day internet.

A year later I rolled onto the job market with a design diploma and a bag full of books – art, technology, and psychology. I spent a few years on the grind with music magazines and apparel companies in Atlanta. Taking trips to DC and New York just looking to meet people and make things.

When it came time to get on a path and satisfy my desire to work with teams, I knocked again on the door of advertising and they let me in. I worked for a few years as a designer and art director developed an intuitive preference for UI and UX and followed that interest into more technical pursuits and filling vacuums in the emerging digital realm.

In 2020 I’m spending my days as Digital Director with Yebo in Richmond, VA and I love it. My focus is paid digital advertising – planning and measurement. I still spend some free time on passion projects as a creative director, photographer, illustrator, designer and go-to maker-guy. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Way back in art school, before the internship, a very wise mentor told me, “You’ll always be an artist, you don’t need a degree to prove it. Study technology and design.” It was good advice and I’m still following it!

Twenty years after hearing the word “Google” for the first time, I’ve gained Google Analytics IQ certification as well as AdWords Search, Display, Video and Mobile specializations. I hold IAB certifications in both digital media sales and digital media buying & planning. I taught that curriculum to a team of more traditional media buyers to collaborate on a holistic approach to media placement, serving agency clients. I have designed measurement plans and placed over $5MM worth of digital media across Google, Facebook, and more specialized technology partners since 2015.

In the agency, I’m not considered a creative. But I still consider myself a designer because I ensure proper function and optimize toward best outcomes. It’s always about “design thinking.”

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