Washington Football

It’s really unfortunate that the Redskins’ name is such a relic. One of the oldest teams in the league and one of the strongest traditions.

Art Monk is still a hero of mine. Coach Gibbs too.

The name is the only thing that connects this organization to the team I grew to love as a kid.

This team has a different owner, a different venue, a different coach x 10. The only loyalty equity that remains is this backwards, unfortunate, relic of a name.

I understand that some people don’t mind the name. I also understand that how a person commands language often reflects their level of education first, and their interpersonal awareness, a close second. The word choice of this team name is backed up by an ugly cultural history and complex heritage.

It always seemed odd but it’s only recently become a discussion.

As I pondered how the team may maintain a visual identity while preserving decency on a human level, I considered Redhawks and other variations that could keep the R, the color scheme and the feather. But those marks will always say “Redskins” whether that’s what it says or not.

I began playing with the logotype and rearranging the letters to see what may be there. “Ridneks” is a total winner. Change the name, keep the logotype. This communicates the unrelenting commitment that Dan Snyder has to “honoring” a continent of diverse peoples with one overarching approximated slur.

Here’s an alternate logotype rehash that would probably sell tshirts like hotcakes at a flag rally.